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Little League Pledge

"I trust in God, I Love my Country and will respect it's Laws. I Will Play Fair and Strive to Win. But Win or Lose I Will Always Do My Best!"

Little League Parent/Volunteer Pledge

"I will teach children to play and do their best. I will positively support all managers, coaches and players. I will respect decision of the umpires.

I will Praise good effort, no matter the outcome of the games"

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Tomahawks at Seminoles
This season closes and it was as tied as a tie-dye t-shirt!  Tomahawks you have made great progress through the season and it has been a plum-pleasing-pleasure to be with you on the baseball field.  You have been finding the sweet spot, tagging bases, getting outs and having a bunch of fun.  Thank you for playing one of my favorite games with me and always making me smile.  I truly enjoyed this season and have so much fun with each and every one of you.  Great Season Tomahawks! Thank you Parents for getting involved with your players at the games and cheering them on!  You have been one of the best teams I have been involved with, thank you, thank you, thank you!
 Tom-A-Hawks, Tom-A-Hawks, Tom-A-Hawks!! The Seminoles wrapped up a much improved season with a great game against the Tomahawks. Late signup Will Thomas played with great enthusiasm and aggressiveness. Steady Maxwell Law made an put out in the field and had a really hard hit. Kylie Nicholson and Rachel Matthys played solid full games with nice hits every at bat. Slugger Maddox Louwers had most likely the hardest hit of the Tee Ball season with a line shot to the outfield. Violet Jenkins had her hardest hit of the season and took care of business all by herself one inning in the field getting 3 put outs at 2b in one inning. Darren Smith showcased his speed and strong arm in the field. Jeri-mah Fullilove continued to hit the ball hard in every at bat. Wiz kid 4 year old Jamir Wilson squared the ball up in every at bat and showed his quickness on the bases. Madysin Clark hit the ball well and hit the turbo button when running the bases. All of the Stars showed great improvement and should have fun-filled Little League careers ahead of them.

Seminoles at Apache
A shorthanded Seminoles rose to the occasion to play focused and aggressive baseball against the always tough Apaches.
4 year old Jamir was smashing the ball as hard as you can expect a 4 year old to hit. Maxwell had his best hit of the year and made a couple outs in the field in front of big family fan base.
Will was running the bases with gusto and got a nice out in the field. Violet smashed one the opposite way and made several put outs in the field including 2 in a 3 out 1st inning. Rachel hit the ball well every at bat and was alert in the field. Kylie overcame some early jitters to play some solid baseball. Jeri-mah continued on his improvement at the plate with several smash hits. The Apaches made a ton of great plays as well, it was a fun 4 innings.

Sioux at Tomahawks
Coach Bryan’s sister may have tied the knot last night, but the Tomahawks did the tying today by having a tie Tball game!  Once again the Tomahawks were fielding well with 8 outs – Cristian had 4, Maya had 2, Jamaal had 1 & Brayden also had 1.  We had great backup behind first in RF, CF & LF as well as great infield attention.  The bats were connecting and the players were running hard and being smart base runners.  Fun game Tomahawks!

Apache at Tomahawks
No tie-downs for the Tomahawks because you can’t keep these kids down but we sure can tie a ball game!  It was back-to-back games with the Apache and the Tomahawks played their best ball of the season!  They ran fast, threw hard, fielded well and were happy players!  The Tomahawks were as hot as the day today getting 8 outs in 4 innings, Cristian lead the team with 5, Tre’Von, Joshua and Jamaal all got 1!!!  Everyone hit really well tonight only taking a practice swing or two.  “You were Terrific tonight Tomahawks!”  Great job!

Apache at Tomahawks
It was another great time had by all at the field of dreams!  It was predicted by a friend this game would end in a tie and guess what – IT DID!  Way to go Tomahawks!  Cristian led the team on the field getting an out and attacking the ball with a vengeance tonight!  Maya sprang into action at bat and backing up her teammates when needed.  Juan held focus on base and ran with super-speed.  Brayden bounded down the baseline.  Tre’Von watched the ball like a hawk.  Damari smacked the sweet spot.  Jamaal had some great throws cross-corner.  Joshua shared spirit and backed up the infield.  Amber is a natural at right field backing up first base.  Dylan snapped into position at first as well.  Great job tonight Tomahawks!

Seminole at Tomahawks
The game was so good, Tied up in knots are stomachs were!  (We also ended, you guessed it, in a tie!)  Tomahawks were fielding really well today.  Wall-work is paying off and they were stopping balls, throwing to target and being at the ready.  Cristian, Maya and Tre’Von were all credited with getting an out!  Damari made good throws from pitcher and an assist in an out with Maya.  Brayden’s bat was smacking the sweet spot on the ball and he zoomed in running.  Amber was running at supersonic speed around the bases.  Dylan did well at first with Joshua backing him up.  Jamaal was a speedster on the field as well.  Great game today Tomahawks!

 Tomahawks at Sioux
Tie us up and tickle us pink cuz it’s another tie at the Tball field! What a fun game we had tonight. I know we said it before but the Tomahawks have been making great progress in our short season so far. Cristian and Maya both were credited with an out each as well as an assist! Tre’Von found the sweet spot and sent the ball sailing as did Joshua! Amber is still our #1 scooper and will begin clinics for her teammates after the next gameJ. Damari ran so fast we couldn’t find him until he stopped on the bases. Juan was making sure Coach Jason was on top of things in the dugout. Dylan figured out the correct trajectory to get the ball where it needed to go effectively. Brayden had bounce and went to bat with enthusiasm. FUN, FUN, FUN Game tonight again Tomahawks!!

Tomahawks at Apache
We tied this one up with a big bow!  Tomahawks were as hot as the morning was today with smart ball playing, fast base running and smiling faces!  There were 8 outs over the course of the 4 innings by the Tomahawks with Dylan getting credit for 1, Cristian and Joshua both got 2 and Maya with 3!  Baseball fundamentals are coming together for the Tomahawks as Amber showed her team how to scoop grounders, Josh encouraged his teammates to be ready, Jamal was speedy, Juan was catching all the balls thrown his way and Brayden was a speedster.  I’m not sure who had more fun, the kids or coaches.  Laughing  Great game Tomahawks

Seminole at Tomahawks

Tied up at the TBall field!!  Way to go Tomahawks & Seminoles!  With a week off and away from the field, I thought these Tomahawks were going to need lots of reminders – NOT SO!  I think the kids got together and had 2 a day practices in our time away!  Smile  Tomahawk bats were swinging, balls were getting stopped, fielded and caught, runners were rounding bases like professionals and coaches were impressed!  There were many good plays – too many to mention.  Way to go Tomahawks!

Tomahawks at Sioux
Oscar Wilde said ”A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” And it doesn’t get any more well-tied than a tied Tball game!  And if that is the case, the Tomahawks are doing some serious stepping because once again we ended our game in a tie!  After being off for several days, the Tomahawks returned to the diamond with excitement!  The bats were explosive and outs were made by Damari, Brayden, Maya & Jamal.  Cristian found his stride, Juan was spirited, Tre’Von was eyes-on-the-ball ready, Amber was scooping grounders and Joshua was a back-up monster!  Getting better and better Tomahawks!  We see your improvement and Coach Melissa is already writing notes for upper league drafts… Laughing

Seminoles vs. Apache


A short handed Seminole team took to the field Tuesday to face the vaunted Apache squad. Both teams battled the elements and played some solid tee ball. Rachel Matthys had her hardest hit of the year. Jamir Wilson played aggressive in the field, at the plate, and on the base paths. Violet Jenkins kept several Apaches from scoring with some strong defense at the hot corner.

 Seminoles vs. Apaches


In a battle of undefeated teams, the Seminoles and Apaches both went into Saturday’s game looking for their first win. The Seminoles started strong with every Seminole running fast to first and overrunning the bag properly!
The Seminoles got some great defense from Max Louwers who ran home for multiple force outs at the plate. Maxwell Law threw to Darren Smith for an out at first and also stepped on 3rd for a second out. Kylie Nicholson was hustling in balls from the outfield. Jeri-mah Fullilove smacked a couple balls to left field. Madysin Clark has apparently been working with a speed coach because she was flying around the bases with never before seen speed. The game ended in a tie with great baseball was played by both teams.

Tomahawks at Seminoles


Are you hungry?  Cuz we got Thai (yea, bad pun J)
The Tomahawks and the Seminoles had fun on the field today and left with a tie score!  Tomahawks welcomed Joshua and Cristian back from the dl and they looked like they may have been at a secret ball camp as they look like new and improved players on the diamond of dreams!  All the Tomahawks worked well, watched the ball and ran hard.  We continue to work on being a team and counting on our teammates to be in position.  They are continually improving and the coaches are proud of your growing skills!
 Keep up the good work & great attitude Tomahawks!
The Seminoles continued to get some outs in the field with Violet Jenkins making 2, maybe 3 put outs (replay of the 3rd put out was inconclusive).
Maddox Louwers once again got in on the act making a couple put outs of his own and continued to smack the ball into the outfield.
Maxwell Law made his first put out of the year. Madysin Clark hit the ball harder in each at bat. It was a perfect day for baseball and the Seminoles are getting better each and every game
The Seminoles saw solid hits from Rachel Matthys and Mya Chase. Jamir Wilson had his hardest hit of the year. Maddox Louwers continued his assault on opposing outfields and Violet Jenkins had a put out at 1st

Seminoles vs. Apache
The Seminoles and Apaches battled it out for the first time this year. The Apaches made a lot of nice plays in the field. The Seminoles were lead by Maddox Louwers who tagged out several Apaches on their way home. Maddox’s birth certificate needed to checked later in the game after he blasted back to back balls into the outfield. Darren Wilson showed tremendous speed on the base paths and hit the ball well. Kylie Nicholson played an aggressive brand of pitcher. It was an extra innings affair that still ended in a tie. Great game by both teams.

Tomahawks at Sioux
Give it to the suit salesman because ~ It’s a TIE!
Lots of fun on the tee ball field this evening as the Tomahawks joined the Sioux in enjoying the great weather and a fun game. Still having a few players on the DL, the Tomahawks worked extra hard! (We miss Kenny, Cristian & Joshua and look forward to their return on Saturday’s game.)Maya was the hot player of the day as she tagged 2 runners out at third. At pitcher, she stopped most of the balls that were flying at sonic speed back towards her and as slugger, she slammed the seams of the ball!
Jamal joined the team on Saturday and made his debut this evening as he hit 3 GRAND SLAMS! He was eager in the field as he worked the position he was placed as well as a few of his teammates. 🙂 Damari had precision accuracy in his throws and found that sweet spot every time at bat. Brayden slid into home and managed to slide his way to safety every time. Trevon continued to say he has never played the game but this is under investigation as he is just too good to believe that statement. Juan managed to pounce on the ball a few times and saved a few runs from scoring as well as connecting well when playing offensively. Amber is working hard in defensively and her performance shows her enjoyment of the game. When she is in the batter’s box, she is like a laser, focusing in on the ball and her concentration is deep! Dylan ran hard, played hard and hit hard. He worked the rotation like a pro covering his position(s) and being a helpful teammate, worked others too.
It was a fun game and Sioux, we look forward to the next time we meet on the field!
Tomahawks, Tomahawks, Tomahawks!!!

 Opening Day

Tomahawks at Seminoles
 It’s a Tie!
What a FUN game!!!  The Tomahawks were proud with their newly named team and in the spirit of the man for which they were named after, they played great ball!  They worked hard to hit the ball, run and get a few outs as well as working harder to have fun.  We had a few late additions to the team roster of players that had never played ball and what an acquisition each of them were!
Dylan was spot on at pitcher and threw well to first.  Juan was checking out the grounds keeping to be sure it met or exceeded league standards.  As he was in the field, he managed to stop a few long shots from turning into extra runs.  Brayden was getting comfortable at second and even decided to stand firm instead of running into left field to assist.  Maya was quite the slugger and found the sweet spot.  Kenny had some super speed and managed to stay ahead of the ball as he ran lightning fast.  Amber looked natural at shortstop as she charged the ball and had accuracy in throwing to first.  Trevon just met his team last night and supposedly never played ball before but looking at him on the field, this boy is a natural.
A few Tomahawks were on the DL and were missed on the field.  Cristian came to the field to cheer his team on and Joshua stopped by the night before to wish his teammates luck.  I think it worked as the Tomahawks worked together and while the game was tied at the end, they did get 3 outs.  See you again Seminoles!  Way to go Tomahawks!!
The Seminoles came to opening ready to play. Veteran Tee Baller Violet Jenkins got the offense started with a solid hit and was very active in the field. Maddox Louwers smoked a couple hits. Rachel Matthys notched her first ever hit in her first ever at bat. Jamir Wilson played aggressively in the field. Jeri-Mah Fullilove hit the ball well on a day that his grandfather Joe Szolach was honored in opening day ceremonies. Everyone played hard and had fun!

Apaches vs Sioux

What a great opener between 2 young but talented teams. The Apaches had some moments in the field, that surely every parent will remember.  The Sioux came to have some fun with their fellow teammates. This will sure be an opening day niether the players or the parents will soon forget.  Learning the game of baseball and having a real good time doing it!