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Little League Pledge

"I trust in God, I Love my Country and will respect it's Laws. I Will Play Fair and Strive to Win. But Win or Lose I Will Always Do My Best!"

Little League Parent/Volunteer Pledge

"I will teach children to play and do their best. I will positively support all managers, coaches and players. I will respect decision of the umpires.

I will Praise good effort, no matter the outcome of the games"

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City Championship
Mudhens 9, Lugnuts 2
This was the best birthday present the Mudhens could give Coach Melissa – the Championship!  Way to go Mudhens!  (Manager Note ~ When I was approached before the season started, I knew there would be hurdles and lots of learning since we had been away from the minors for a good 10 years but I am so glad I was took the opportunity to be a part of your coaching team.)  Mudhens, your improvement over the season has been incredible and your teamwork now looks effortless.  Parents, thank you for your outward support even in the times my processes & thoughts were questioned.  NOW! onto the highlights and there are MANY tonight!!!Defensively – Xavier had 3 strikeouts in the first 2 innings.  His team had his back and Ethan pulled a pop up from the sky and then tossed the ball to Andrew at second for a double play!!  Ethan came in at the bottom of the second and plucked a roller off the grass and tossed to Ahmad at first for the out.  (Ethan’s pitch count was just 44 for 4-1/4 innings)  E had 7 strikeouts in this time on the mound as well as another 1-3 play to Xavier in the 5th.  Andrew also caught a ball right before ground impact for another out in the 3rd.  Sand’tez got under a pop fly for an out in the 4th and Xavier also lined up under a pop up for an out in the 4th as well.  Caleb (catcher) and Sand’tez (3rd) worked well as a team for another out at 3rd in the 5th.  These boys fielded WELL tonight!Offensively – There was a lot of small ball tonight, but over the course of 6 innings it added up!!  Xavier was held to a single in the 5th with 2 RBIs then Dorian followed X by smacking a double as well.  JG got another 2 RBIs in the 6th.  The rest was smart playing and watching the ball.  We’ll take small ball contact any& everyday!

The Mudhens wrapped up an impressive playoff run with a 9-2 victory over the regular season champion Lugnuts.
Once again the Lugnuts took an early lead in the 1st with back to back singles from Ryan Jenkins (1-2) and Kenny Kelsey (1-2) scoring Gabe Scott and Ryan. But the Lugnuts would not score again due to fine pitching from Xavier Emmanuel and Ethan Dorsett – who shut the Lugnuts down over 4 innings. Great defense by the Hens robbed Ryan, Dionte Smith, Matt Blazejewski, Dante Messina and Javon Mosley (twice) of hits. Darian Stevens made a great catch on a flyball to help keep the game close and Ryan pitched great in the start for the Lugnuts who held the lead til 4th when the Hens tied it with a hit from JG. The Hens took a commanding lead in the 5th when they maxed out with 5 runs, they added 2 in the sixth to secure it take the city championship. Both teams improved greatly over the season, had fun, and demonstrated good sportsmanship. Congratulations to both teams on a season to remember!

 Gentlemen it has been an absolute pleasure seeing you grow in skill and personality.  During the past 22 games, you have averaged almost 9 runs per game and kept your opponents to an average of 6.  Over the course of the season this adds up to 196 runs scored by you, by playing smart and being
Mudhens 8 – Lugnuts 7
This IS Championship Ball!!!
The Mudhens were a little relaxed today and allowed the Lugnuts take an early lead and hold it until the bottom of the 5th when they tied the game and in the 6th when they kept the defense strong.  They watched the pitches, not panicking, not swinging for the fence, not wigging out.  They were disciplined and it paid off. JG had a grip issue tonight on the mound and was good with Caleb coming in to finish the first for him.  Caleb took the ball, fielded a grounder to Ahmad at first for an out and kept on going through the 4th, handing the ball over to Xavier, who came in to close. Offensively, the bats were hot and cold but when the rally came, IT CAME!  Q & JG were on base 2-3.  Ahmad went 2-2 (eeking out HRs for 3 RBIs).  Andrew had a clutch hit double, (garnering 2 RBIs).  Tim smacked a great hit to a ready second baseman.  Dwayne also joined in the rally hitting straight to center.  Ethan, Tim, Darryl, Xavier & Sandtez all made wise choices in the box to get on base as well. Mudhens you played well tonight and the coaches are incredibly proud of you.  Let’s enjoy the Tiger game tomorrow and maybe pick up some pointers for Wednesday.  Special thanks to the Mudhen supporters in the bleachers that had the wave going!  What a fun thing for the boys to see, thank you! Let’s Go Mudhens!!!

The Lugnuts played a strong game in game one of the city championship, leading all night, but couldn’t hold off late rallies from the Mudhens in a 9-8 loss. Ryan Jenkins was solid in the start and Gabe Scott pitched well in relief. The Lugnuts had some hard hits tonight as Gabe ((2-3, walk) ripped a double in the second and Ryan (2-3, walk) followed up with a hard single up the middle.
Javon Mosley had a clutch single to center to score a run. Ryan later blasted a triple over the leftfielder’s head. Not to be outdone, Kenny Kelsey (1-2, 2 walks) did the same thing in the very next at bat. Matt Blazejewski continued to shine at the plate going 1-1 with 3 walks. Fine defensive plays were turned in by Matt, Ryan, Kenny, and Darian Stevens. The Lugnuts hope to rebound in game 2 Wednesday night.


Lugnuts 8 – Bulls 7
It was battle til the end on LL2 as neither the Bulls nor Lugnuts wanted their season to end. Gabe Scott pitched a complete game for the Lugnuts and battled hard against a tough Bulls lineup to get the win. Henry Rocho took the mound for the Bulls and pitched strong as well. The Bulls jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the 1st as Max Praet led off the game with a bunt single, Kaleb Pritchard doubled him in and Jessica Baysdell singled Kaleb in.
The Nuts got one of their own in the 1st with back to back singles by Kenny Kelsey and Matt Blazejewski. In the second, it was all Kaleb again with another double to score 2. The score would stay 4-1 Bulls until the bottom of the 4th as Henry and Gabe were throwing dueling strikes. Landen Willis put the Nuts back in the game with a 2 run single up the middle scoring Kenny and Darian Stevens. The Bulls would answer with 1 in the 5th when once again,… Kaleb doubled, and Manuel Rivera doubled him in to make it 5-3. Dante Messina lead off the bottom of the 5th with solid contact, but once again the Bulls defense was there as Jessica Baysdell threw him out from 3rd. The Bulls made numerous plays on defense throughout the game.Javon Mosley was up next and got hit by a pitch and that’s when the rally begun. Anthony SIms barely legged out an infield single. Tristan Davis drew a walk then Heny got the next batter to strike out. With 2 outs and the bases loaded the Bulls needed a hit and Gabe delivered with a single to score 1 and keep the bases loaded. The next batter up was Ryan Jenkins who has delivered big hits all year for the Nuts. With the count full he drove a single to center field and that’s when pandemonium broke out on the base paths. 2 runs scored and Ryan took a big turn around 1st hoping to bait the defense into going after him rather than throwing home. By the time the throw went home Gabe scored and Ryan was charging home on the overthrow to score giving the Lugnuts their first lead of the game at 8-5. It was a clutch hit and great base running by the speedy Lugnuts. The Bulls came up for last ups and were not going down without a Henry lead off with a single, Max reached base for the 3rd time in the game with a walk. Charlie Rocho grounded into a fielder’s choice to score a run and make it 8-6. Darian Stevens, playing his first full game in the infield, threw from SS to Matt at 2nd for the force out. With 2 outs, once again Kaleb (4-4) delivered, with a run scoring single to bring the Bulls within 1. Bo followed up with a hard shot to Matt at 2nd. Matt was able to knock it down and pick it up and race to second to narrowly beat Kaleb for the game saving force out. It was a tremendous battle by two strong teams. Both pitchers threw strikes and both lineups put the ball in play and each teams’ defense made plays in the field with few errors. The Lugnuts were impressed by the solid hitting and defense as well as good sportsmanship by the Bulls. Congratulations on a great season Bulls!

Bulls 11 – Storm 6
 The Bulls were led by Mad Max pitching 4 great innings. Henry The Great pitched the last 2 innings getting 6 K’s. Keleb did the  hitting for the bulls and Bo Woodward was 3 for 3. Keleb, Bo, Jessica, Manny and Charlie had RBI . Great Game Bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mudhens 10 – Lugnuts 9
Mudhens v Lugnuts 62415
WOW!  The Mudhens played an excellent game tonight as they took an early lead and they kept it!  They were given instruction before they took the field and they remembered it – they had fun.  The highlights are many and I will do my best to cover them but if I leave anything out that will be my mistake for today’s game.  Wink
Caleb took the mound first and put on a good show for the spectators tonight.  Besides throwing strikes and letting his team get a workout as well, he got under a pop-fly for an out, tossed a slowroller to Xavier at first for another and tossed one to Sandtez at third for another.  JG was behind the plate and sent one to Ethan at short for an out at second.  Ethan came to the mound and proceeded with a quick inning before making his team work just once or twice as he tossed one to Xavier for an out at first.  Ethan also threw home to Sandtez for an out.  Ahmad and Xavier shared the 6th inning and as Ahmad struggled in the beginning, his team rallied behind him.  Ahmad made the decision to put his team before himself and asked to be taken off the mound.  That was a very mature decision and his team respected him for it.  Xavier went to the mound with bases loaded and no outs and closed the inning pitching well and making smart plays by throwing to Sandtez at home to get the outs and prevent the runs from scoring.Andrew smacked a double in the 5th, later coming in to score as an RBI off of Caleb.  Caleb went 3-3 with a walk and 2 doubles.  Q’s bat was hot but it just happened to be in a spot where a waiting defenseman was.  Xavier smacked a triple and went 3-3 with 2 walks.  Sevon also smacked a hit into the outfield tonight.  Ahmad ran hard and turned a double into an infield homerun on an overthrow.  Tim smacked a double and got not 1, not 2, but 3 RBIs off of that hit, as well as watching the ball and getting 2 walks.  Dwayne went 1-2.  JG, Sandtez, Ethan, Dorian and Darryl were all swinging but just couldn’t find the ball tonight.  But since we play as a team, their team had their back and covered their runs.EVERYONE had something positive to say about other players on the team and the coaches were very proud with the level of play the Mudhens brought with them tonight.  This was playoff level ball tonight, Great job Mudhens!  Special thanks goes out to Big Q who made good on his promise to the boys and bought another round at the concession stand. The Mudhens played an all around solid game in defeating the Lugnuts to advance to the city championship. The Lugnuts were down all night, but battled back for 5 in the ninth before Hens pitcher Xavier Emanuel shut the door on Lugnut hopes with a strikeout. For the Nuts, Gabe Scott (1-1, 3 walks) and Matt Blazejewski (1-1, 2 walks) were on base all night (1-1, 3 walks), Ryan Jenkins (2 walks) and Darian Stevens (1 walk) went 1-2, Justin Wilson walked all 3 times up and Kenny Kelsey went 1-3 (walk). The Lugnuts will battle the Bulls Friday night with the winner advancing to meet the Mudhens in the City Championship. Congratulations to the Mudhens!

Mudhens 17 – Bulls 4
The playoffs have begun and The Mudhens were ON today at LL2!  JG took the mound and kept his pitch count low for 3 innings before Caleb came in to relieve him and he kept his pitch count even lower to keep the Bulls from racking up runs.  Xavier was strong on first and had great assistance from JG and Caleb for 4 outs as well as snagging and bagging one on his own.  Sevon got under one in LF for an out too.  But one of the best rundowns of the day was with JG and Sandtez as Bull runner Cam was deciding if he could outrun them to get home.  JG& Sandtez were the epitome of teamwork and that teamwork seemed effortless and was beautiful to watch.  Great Job Boys!  The Mudhens were on base consistently, with Xavier and JG good for triples and most Mudhens getting on base 3-4. Q & JG led with 3 RBIs, Xavier had 2 and Caleb had 1.  Nice teamwork today Mudhens, it was enjoyable to watch you play and have fun.

Lugnuts 8 – Storm 7
In round one of the playoffs, the top ceeded Lugnuts got all they can handle from the vastly improved Storm. Tyler Zielinski had a whale of a day for the Storm going 3-3 (walk), Kaleb went 2-4 with a double, Aidan Barbour was 1-2 (walk), Trever Jackson and Bobby Rhodes went 1-3. The Lugnuts attack was led by Kenny Kelsey 1-1 (2 walks) Gabe Scott 1-2 (walk, double), Ryan Jenkins 1-2 (walk), Javon Mosley 1-2.
Anthony Sims (1-2) and Dante Messina (1-1 walk) had crucial late inning RBI singles. For the second time in 2 weeks, Darian Stevens 0-1 (2 walks) was magic on the base paths, stealing home for the game winner. Darian walked to lead off the sixth, then stole second. With 1 out, Lugnut manager Mike employed a delayed steal of 3rd hoping for an overthrow. That’s just what happened and Darian stole home and ran into the arms of grateful and excited teammates. It was an exciting matchup and provided a great test for both teams to build on in the playoffs.

Storm 11 – Knights 7
From this writer’s perspective this was a well played game on both sides. Some great defensive plays, timely hitting and great effort was put in by both the Storm and Knights

Knights 10 – Lugnuts 8
The Knights played a complete game in defeating the Lugnuts in the regular season finale. The Knights offense was led by Markies Gray (3-3, walk), Joe O’Neill (2-3, walk), Rodd Motts (1-2, 2 walks), Jonah Chaperon 1-3 (walk), and Justin went 1-2. The Knights battled hard all day to hand the Lugnuts their first loss in a month.
With playoff ceeding in place for the year, the Lugnuts shook up their lineup and defense while showcasing some new pitchers. Harper Woods Little League is checking with Elias Sports Bureau to see if a centerfielder has ever tagged out a runner at home because that is what happened Thursday night on LL1. Sensing a play at the plate, savvy Ryan Jenkins ran from centerfield to the plate to catch an over throw and tag the runner out. In a rare appearance at catcher, Ryan also threw out a runner attempting to steal 3rd. The Lugnuts offense was led by Darian Stevens 1-2 (walk and double), Kenny Kelsey and Tristan Davis walked in both plate appearances, Matt Blazejewski 1-2, Ryan 1-2 (walk), Gabe Scott 1-2 (walk). It was a very exciting way for both teams to end the regular season.

Mudhens 7 – Bulls 5
Due to multiple schedule conflicts the Coaching staff was down tonight as the Mudhens took to the field but the boys delivered a win!  Way to go Mudhens!  Xavier pitched well, with 12 strikeouts and caught a line drive back at him on the mound.  Sevon had a diving attempt, Andrew had 2 great assists, Dorian stopped a hard hit to left field and kept a runner from advancing on extra bases, Sandtez was solid behind the plate, JG had 2 triples tonight, Sevon was on base 3 times, Xavier, Dorian, Andrew, Q, Ahmad all made it on base 2 times tonight as well.  Special thanks to Coach Mike for coming in to assist and Ms. Theresa for also assisting, your help made it much easier to make fewer mistakes!  Thank you!  Laughing  Big Q – thank you for buying the boys a round at the concession stand tonight as well!!

Lugnuts 8 – Storm 1
After a 2-6 start, the Lugnuts have run off 9 wins in a row. The players have worked hard at batting practice and in games to have good at bats – stepping into every pitch and keeping their head on the ball.
This has paid off as the Lugnuts are able to get hits throughout their lineup. Ryan, Gabe, and Kenny have all worked on their pitching form. All three are throwing harder since the start of the year and giving up fewer and fewer walks -making it difficult for opponents to have rally innings. In Wednesday’s clincher – Ryan pitched a one hit shutout through 5 innings, striking out 14. Closer Kenny Kelsey shut the door in the 6th.
The offense was led by Kenny Kelsey 2-2 (2 walks and a double), Ryan 0-0 (4 walks and a steal of 2nd and 3rd on the same pitch then went home on the overthrow to third), Matt Blazewski 1-2 (2 walks), Darian Stevens 1-3, Dionte Smith 1-3 (walk), and Gabe Scott 1-4. On the Storm side, Tyler Zielinski had a nice hit, Camoury Edwards broke up the shut out with a single in the sixth to score Kameron Denham. Caleb pitched well in the start for the Storm.

Mudhens 14 – Knights 3
Ethan took the mound tonight and did a fantastic job through 5 innings with 10 strikeouts and his team had his back when the Knights connected.  Xavier had some great plays at first with 3 outs and Andrew had an out at short.  Offensively the bats were swinging and finding the target with 11/13 players getting on base tonight.  JG went 3-3 and had an infield homerun, Q also went 3-3 and Ahmad went 2-3.  Great ball playing tonight boys!

Storm 7 – Bulls 4

Lugnuts 10 – Mudhens 4
Winners of 7 in a row, the red hot Lugnuts took to the field to do battle with the always tough Mudhens Saturday afternoon.
The Mudhens struck 1st with one in the 1st when Caleb Morisette single. The Lugnuts answered in a big way in the 2nd with 4 runs lead by smash base hits from Devin Humphrey
and Ryan Jenkins. It was deja vu all over again in the 3rd as the Lugnuts logged another 4 runs lead by a single from Dante Messina. The Mudhens fought back with 1 in the 3rd thanks to strong baserunning from James Gray after a walk. 2 more in the 4th as Caleb singled again and Dwayne Turner also singled. The Lugnuts got some insurance in the 5th as they rallied for 2 runs lead by singles from Devin and Javon Mosley.
The Lugnuts pitching and defense shut the door in the 5th and 6th lead by Gabe Scott and Kenny Kelsey on the mound. Gabe also picked off James at 3rd after he tripled to close out the 5th. Ryan also pitched well and sealed the deal in the 6th at SS with a sliding catch in in shallow centerfield. Devin, Dante, and Javon were all perfect at the plate for the Lugnuts, as was Xavier Emanuel for the Mudhens It was a great team win for the Lugnuts as every player played hard, played with enthusiasm, and contributed to a 10-4 win.
There was some good ball playing and also some hijinks in this game.  Mudhens, you had some fun and some good plays!  Dorian had a couple of really good plays at short and took one for the team at bat getting on base.  Ethan was hot in the box as was Caleb, JG and Xavier.  Boys were surveyed and gave coaches ideas on what they needed, so now it’s time to bring it.  Have a great weekend Mudhens as next week you will get what you ask forWink.

Lugnuts 8 – Bulls 2
In a battle for first place, the Lugnuts extended their winning streak to 7 games and grabbed sole possession of 1st with an 8-2 win over the Bulls. The Lugnuts showcased three strong pitchers who have worked hard all year to not just throw the strikes, but throw the ball hard. Ryan Jenkins,Gabe Scott, and Kenny Kelsey held the Bulls to 2 runs while all making putouts in the field. The offense put up 8 runs on a touch Bulls defense with contributions throughout the lineup. Gabe was 2-3 with a triple, Kenny 1-2 (walk and double), Ryan 1-2 (walk), Anthony Sims 1-2, Devin Humphrey walked twice, Dante Messina 1-1 (walk), Matt Blazewski 1-2, and Landen Willis doubled. The Lugnuts played one of their best games of the season and are rounding into shape for the playoffs.

Knights 8 – Storm 7
This also was a completion game from the earlier tie. The Storm won the tie breaker 10-9.

Knights 10 – Bulls 9
For the Bulls, Charlie had 3 hits and Henry, Max and Bo had 2 hits. Jessica pitched 2 good innings.

Storm 8 – Mudhens 4

The Storm played a great game today against the Mudhens! Bobby Rhodes started on the mound and did a phenomenal job with 8 strikeouts and 2 walks. Tyler Zielinski got the save with only giving up 1 run. The storm had great bats today. Tyler had a double and triple with 2 RBI’s . Dishon White had a great hit and a fielders choice RBI that helped cushion the lead. The boys had the some of the best fielding we’ve seen all year. Caleb Wright had 5 great plays with 3 ground balls and getting the outs at first base. Caleb also caught the runner stealing third with a spot on throw from our catcher Trevor Jackson. Caleb and Trevor also got a runner out at the plate after an over Throw to the pitcher in the last inning. Max Turner had a few great plays at 3rd and first base helping the the storm defense. Our player of the game today was Jordan Thomas with 2 great back to back catches from hard hits to left field. Great job today storm an keep up the good work!

This was a good ball game!  JG started on the mound and with the help of his team, the first 3 innings were 3 up/3 down.  JG snagged a ball and zipped it off to Xavier at first for an out, Dorian called off other fielders to catch a pop fly and Xavier snagged & bagged another.  Tim ran hard in left field to stop a triple from becoming a HR, Sevon also fielded in RF and got it to first in time for an out.  NICE Defense Mudhens!!  At bat, Sevon was a big hitter tonight going 2-3 with a double and a triple, Ahmad was 2-3 and Caleb also had good contact, Q had contact, but unfortunate for us, always toward an alert Storm.  Again, this was a good ball game!

Lugnuts 2 – Storm 1 
In a battle of aces, the Lugnuts extended their winning streak to six games with a 2-1 victory over the Storm. Ryan Jenkins pitched 5 1/3 innings giving up 1 run and striking out 15. Closer Kenny Kelsey picked up another save to seal the deal. Caleb got the start for the Storm and was sensational giving up 2 runs over 5 innings and striking out 11. Caleb only ran into trouble in the 2nd when Matt Blazewski (2-2) continued his hot hitting with a double to right center, Dionte Smith followed up with a single to score Matt. Devin Humphrey barely got thrown out at 1st on a great play by Caleb for a SAC rbi to give the Lugnuts the only 2 runs they needed. Bobby Rhodes lead the Storm offense going 2-2, Deshaun (1-3) had a nice double. It was a low scoring affair.

Mudhens 6 – Knights 3
The sun was shining, the concession stand was sizzling and the emergency sirens were wailing – what a great day for BASEBALL!  The Mudhens welcomed Xavier back to the mound with Sand’tez behind the plate and the first inning was 3 up, 3 down.  Ahmad came on the mound and showed what he had been working on during his days off, with a 3 up, 3 down inning as well.  Dwayne smacked a line drive, Sand’tez, Caleb, Ahmad, Ethan, JG all made contact and Sevon tweaked his way into a triple!  There were some great attempts at runs and some really close calls (if there was a video replay review, a call or two may have been reversed . Laughing Ethan snagged a pop up and Sand’tez snapped they catcher’s mask off for a great catch as well.  Getting better and better boys!  Big Q says the next round of ice cream is on him if you get a W in the next game as well. Laughing

Lugnuts 3 – Knights 2


In a battle of pitching, the Lugnuts slipped by the Knights Wednesday on a perfect night for baseball. The Knights came to play taking a 2-0 lead in the first inning lead by a Kameron Bryant double scoring Joe O’Neill and Markiese Young. Markiese was able to quell the red hot Lugnut bats with help from great defense from Roderick Friend and Jajuan, holding the Lugnuts to only 1 hit the 1st 4 innings! An under the weather Gabe Scott fought hard on the mound and held the Knights scoreless after the 1st. The Lugnuts were held scoreless until the 5th when Ryan Jenkins kept his season long hitting streak alive with a single to center. Kenny followed up with an infield single. Then Matt Blazewski came on with runners on 2nd and 3rd and two outs. Matt had the Lugnuts only hit in the first 4 innings and has been hitting solid line drives as of late while impressing coaches with his work in the batting cages. He aggressively sent the first pitch into centerfield to tie the game at 2. Darian Stevens lead off the 6th with a walk, then stole 2nd, 3rd, and then home on the overthrow giving the Lugnuts the lead. The Knights weren’t going down without a fight though and put two runners on in the 6th. A much improved Kenny Kelsey was throwing heat on the mound and caught an on the run pop out off the bat of Elyse Chaperon. After much chaos, confusion, and screaming from coaches, players, and fans Kenny finally threw to 1st to get the double play on the runner who had run to 2nd, ending the game. This was a great game to watch and much credit should be given to the pitchers from both teams who threw strikes and threw hard(Markiese and Roderick on the Knights, Gabe and Kenny on the Lugnuts). And much credit should be given to Matt Blazewski for going 2-2 and coming up with the biggest hit of the season for the Lugnuts. These two teams appear to be rounding into shape and should be tough outs in the playoffs.

Bulls 6 – Mudhens 5

The Bulls were led by Charlie Rocho with 2 hits and Mad Max 2 hits. In the bottom of the 6th inning Nathan Conrad started with a hit and BIG PLAY MAN MAN with the walk off hit to win the game.  The Bulls pitching staff did a great job. Led by Jessica McGary Baysdell pitching a perfect inning 6 pitches 3 K’s in the 4th inning. Jessica had 7 K’s tonight and keeping the hot bats of the Mudhens cool. The Bulls are playing better, keep up the hard work. Go Bulls. What a great night for baseball at LL1! The Mudhens were making CONTACT between the bat and ball and that was what we were aiming for! The Tezs had some hustle in their step tonight, running HARD! Ethan, Dorian & Q were finding the balls and unfortunately for the Mudhens, so were the Bulls as they were hit to a fielder at the ready. JG and Dwayne made contact, Tim stopped his stepping in the box and Darryl was working on improving his form tonight and it showed. Caleb pitched extremely well tonight (especially after a full Field Day at school & getting beaned in the chest), Xavier worked well at first, Ethan had a few great plays in the field as well as on the mound and Sandtez was SOLID behind the plate. Boys, there was nothing but good ball tonight and lots of fun, that is why we enjoy this game. Good Job Mudhens!

Storm 6- Bulls 5


The Bulls were led by Charlie Rocho with 2 hits and Mad Max  with 2 hits. Nathan Conrad started the 6th inning with a single then Camden Wilson and Big D walked. With the bases loaded Man Man with the walk off hit. The pitcher of the game was Jessica McGary Baysdell with a perfect 6 pitches for 3 Ks . Jessica pitched 3 innings giving up to hits and 7 K’s. The Coaches are so proud of the Bulls and Mudhens great job!!!! Today both teams came to play! Storm had great pitching by Caleb and Tyler Zielinski Giving up minimal walks. We had a few great plays by Jaiden Broaden at 3rd base with a force at first base, 2 catches, and taking away the Bulls triple with a great assist from our short stop Tyler. phenomenal catching by Trever Jackson with a tag out at the plate. We also had 2 great hits by Dishon White. But the highlight of this game was in the bottom of the 6th inning Bulls up by 1 run .Storm managed to get the bases loaded with 2 outs. Aidan Barbour comes up Every one on the fence . 3-2 count 2 outs bottom of the six inning. With whole game riding on this last pitch Aidan clobers the ball down the third base line hitting the foul line 20 feet from the fence “fair ball”! Storm win with a clutch walk off hit! Great game storm!! Manny Rivera pitched 4 great innings giving up 1 hit in a loss.Bo had 2 hits for the Bulls

Lugnuts 8 – Mudhens 4


The evenly matched Lugnuts and Mudhens played another tight game with the Lugnuts winning to draw even in the standings at second place with the Mudhens. The Lugnuts were lead by Ryan Jenkins who pitched 5 innings, striking out 14 allowing 3 hits. Ryan ran into trouble in the 6th as the Mudhens loaded the bases lead by an Xavier Emanuel double, but cool as the other side the pillow Kenny Kelsey came on in relief and struck out 3 in a row to get the save. The Lugnuts attack was lead by Gabe Scott 2-2 and a walk, Ryan 2-2, walk, double and triple, Dante Messina 1-2 (walk), Anthony Sims 0-0 2 walks, Tristan Davis 1-2, Kenny and Devin Humphrey each walked twice. It was a chilly night at the park tonight! You can definitely see teams getting better, as we all should, and tonight was no better. The Mudhen’s bats weren’t finding the sweet spot as much as we would have liked. Xavier and Ahmad had a 1-3 play, Sandtez and Ahmad had a few 1-3 plays and Ahmad made his pitching debut tonight as well. Ethan worked the mound for a while and then took one hard in the chest late in the game while at bat. Xavier also had a nice double as did Andrew who also got an RBI. Q also made contact and ran HARD! Better attitude tonight Mudhens, thank you

Storm 9 – Knights 9


The Storm coaching staff has been getting this team ready for this time of year. With playoffs around the corner, they are starting to play full stride, hard fought baseball!

Lugnuts 10 – Bulls 7


The Lugnuts once again had the bats going. Every Lugnut either had an RBI or scored a run. Kenny Kelsey, Javon Mosley (1-1, walk), Ryan Jenkins (1-1, 2 walks), and Gabe Scott all had hard hits to the outfield. Tristan Davis had a nice single, Landen Willis was 2-3, Dionte Smith got the bat on the ball every time up, and birthday boy Devon Humphrey continued to get on base with 2 walks in 2 at bats. Ryan Jenkins (2 1/3 innings) and Gabe Scott (3 innings) threw bullets in the start and save. The Lugnuts turned to defense to close the game out. Gabe made a nice play on a ball hit back to the mound, Kenny went far to his left from 3b to catch a soft line drive, and Ryan fired a rocket from deep in the hole at SS to close it out. The Bulls offense was lead by Max Praett 3-4, Charlie Rocho 2-2 (walk), Henry Rocho 1-2 (walk), and Bo blasted a double. The Lugnuts have scored 10 or more since their 12-10 loss in Grosse Pointe, winning the last three league games.
They hope to keep it up in a battle for second place against the Mudhens Monday night.

Storm 6 – Mudhens 5


Besides teaching baseball fundamentals, Mudhen coaches have been striving to teach good sportsmanship whether we win or lose a game (of course, everyone tends to feel better after winning a game and we know this).  One of my favorite lines of one of my favorite poems is “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same” from Rudyard Kipling’s “If”.  Today the Mudhens definitely did not treat those two impostors just the same.  Today the Mudhens fell short on the sportsmanship in the dugout which was more disappointing than the loss on the field.  Win, lose or tie young Gentlemen, you must have the class, the honor and the respect of the others on those fields, in the stands and in the dugouts. Mudhens, we still have ½ a season left, it’s just a pitch, a hit, a swing, a game.  A game you say you like.  A game you say you have fun playingA game.  Let’s go back to having fun, shall we?
Ethan was 2-3 with a triple, Xavier had an infield home run, Q was 1-2 with a walk, JG was 1-3 with a triple and 2 walks.
Storm – Good defense, Good offense, Good Game!

Bulls 7 – Knights 4


The bulls started slow, but in the 4th. they scored 5 runs. The inning started with a hit by Jessica McGary Baysdell then Camden Wilson had a RBI. Manny and Henry had big big hits.  In the pitching department Jessica pitched 4 innings and Big Max pitched 2 innings for the win.

Lugnuts 14 –  Storm 1


A shorthanded Lugnut team took to the field with great focus Wednesday night resulting in a 14-1 win over the Storm.
Gabe Scott got the start and took an efficient no-hitter into the 5th when Dishon White lead off with a single. Tyler Zielinski followed it up with an RBI double.
The Lugnuts had a complete offensive attack with all 9 Lugnuts reaching base at least twice in the game. Darian Stevens roped two shots to the gap for a triple and a home run!
Kenny Kelsey (4-4 with a walk) had two triples, Anthony Sims had an infield homerun. Dionte Smith, Matt Blazewski, Landen Willis, Gabe Scott, and Devin Humphrey all reached base 3 times, Dante Messina doubled. The Lugnuts will take a 10 day break and hope to come back with the same intensity, focus, and spirit that they’ve shown in their last 3 well-played games!

Mudhens 7 – Knights 4


Mudhen Coaches decided to take things in a different direction tonight allowing the players to choose where they wanted to play to start the game. They did rather well, I would have to say. Caleb started on the mound and kept his pitch count low during his time there. He was throwing good strikes and made his team do some work, as any good pitcher does. Xavier, Ethan, Ahmad and Sevon all had their eye on the ball and snagged a few popups from the sky. Sevon had his pitching debut and kept his pitch count to 20 for 2 innings! (Not bad for a young man that never played ball before, huh?) Q came to the mound and had some fun as well. JG was behind the plate for 2 innings and looked like he was having a BLAST covering & stopping. Besides his defense, Ethan was 3-3 tonight and showed great leadership in the dugout and on the field.This was a fun game, boys, thank you! The more you have fun, the more we have fun and it’s all around a great game. Yea, the ice cream doesn’t hurt either –Thanks Big Q for buying a round for the boys!

Mudhens 20 – Bulls 3



The Mudhens showed up to have some fun tonight and fun is exactly what they had!  They got a few blooper errors in the first inning and then settled down and played some serious ball.  Xavier took the mound and he pitched like a pro with 12 strikeouts, 4 walks and only allowing 3 hits in 5 innings as well as calling and catching the pop-up and attacking a bunt to throw out the runner at first where Ahmad was waiting to tag.  Ahmad smacked an OUT OF THE PARK GRAND SLAM as well as an infield home run, adding up to 6 RBIs.  Caleb was solid at the plate going 2-3 and behind the plate as well, doing a fine job.  Sevon did his job at the plate and got on base 3-4 (see, batting practice helped Laughing) and was at the ready in the field as well.  Sandtez, Ethan & Xavier were also on base 3 times. You made your coaches proud of your sportsmanship!  You played hard!!  Mudhens, you had fun!!  Thank you for behaving like the respectful young men we expect you to be.  It was truly an honor to be on the field with you tonight!  (Next time, ice cream is on Coach Darius!)

Lugnuts 14 – Knights 3


The Lugnuts downed the Knights 14-3 Monday night. The Nuts had lost 3 close games in a row and needed a win.
They had the bats going early and late with 5 runs in the 1st and 5th. Matt Blazewski (1-1 walk) and Dionte Smith (2-2) continued their hot hitting. Tristand Davis and Devin Humprhey walked both times up. Kenny Kelsey had a big double, singled and walked. The defense was lead by Landen Willis with a couple of nice put outs at SS and Justin Wilson with a couple nice plays in the outfield. Ryan Jenkins pitched an efficient game, only running into trouble in the 4th when Elise Chaperon, Rick Friend, and Markiese Young all had big hits. Ryan helped his own cause with a couple of nice put outs and continuing his hitting streak (1-2 walk). The Lugnuts got revenge for an earlier season loss to the Knights. Should be an exciting matchup the next time these two teams play.

GPP Indians 11 – Mudhens 6


The Mudhens went to Defer to play the Marlins but ended up playing the Indians.  The Indian coaches were accommodating and incredibly welcoming to the HW players, fans and families.  The Indian Manager mentioned that our team was fun and a breath of fresh air as we liked to have fun playing the ball game and it showed.  As a parent and a coach, I wanted to share that with the rest of the league.  This is a fun game if we only remember that.  Special shout out to our parent volunteer Quincy for stepping in to umpire the game as well.  Communication signals were crossed and management on both teams decided to rely on his baseball experience to umpire the game.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Big Q for your fair calls and willingness to be voluntold into calling a good game! The main objective for today’s game was to have fun!  And the Mudhens appeared to do just that – Have FUN and to remember that baseball is a game and even Miggy strikes out about 7 out of every 10 times at bat.  Once the boys began to realize that, they started to really enjoy the game today, as did the coaches.  Mudhens, you played solid ball today and we are proud of you.  You relaxed, you had fun and you enjoyed the game today.  Things will not always go our way but you held your heads high, showed great spirit and even better sportsmanship.  Thank you.

GPP 6 – Storm 0


 GPP 9 – Knights 2

GPP Phillies 12 – Lugnuts 10
The Lugnuts battled a tough Grosse Pointe Park team Saturday morning in a 12-10 nail biter loss. Gabe Scott pitched excellent for the Lugnuts, but the Phillies couldn’t be stopped on the base paths stealing home multiple times. Ryan Jenkins helped keep the game close with multiple put outs at ss and catcher including a couple diving putouts. The Lugnuts showed a great combination of a keen eye at the plate and swinging aggressive at strikes. Every Lugnut had a hit or at least two walks. The offense was lead by Landon Willis who walked all four times, Dionte Smith (1-1 two walks, Matt Blazewski 2-2 walk, Javon Mosley 2-3 with a big double, Ryan 1-2 two walks, Devin Humphrey 3 walks. Tristan Davis walked twice, Dante Messina and Gabe had nice hits and Darian Stevens blasted s hit to center. The kids and coaches got along great  and showed a lot of effort and sportsmanship.

GPP Twins 15 – Bulls 5


Storm 7 – Knights 0


Bulls 9 – Lugnuts 4


The Bulls played their best game in weeks. Manny Rivera saved the bulls by pitching one great inning. Mad Max got the save. Jessica McGary Baysdell started the hitting with a squeeze bunt and two RBI. The bulls also got big hits from Manny and Big D.Landen Willis made his first career start for the Lugnuts and did not disappoint. Landen held the Bulls offense to 3 runs in 4 2/3 inning. The Bulls bats exploded in the sixth and the Lugnuts made some miscues in the field to give themselves a 9-2 hole to dig out of in the sixth which proved to great. The Lugnuts offense was lead by Matt Blazewski 2-3, Landen Willis and Ryan Jenkins 1-2 walk, Kenny Kelsey and Gabe Scott 1-3.

Bulls 14 – Storm 9


The bulls started slow, but in the 3rd inning the bulls scored 5 runs. Jessica McGary Baysdell had a big hit scoring 2 runs.The bulls got good pitching from Mad Max and Jessica. Go Bulls

Mudhens 5 – Lugnuts 4


The cold weather shift made it a little difficult for the Mudhens to find their rhythm and begin to make things happen.  But they came alive in the 4th and kept the momentum going for a win.  Ethan hit a in field home run, Sandtez sacrificed for an rbi, Ahmad had a few taps and Sevon and Caleb got in on the action too.  Tim was swinging and making contact tonight and JG went 3-3.  Caleb stepped on the mound when Andrew was injured and supported his teammate.  Good game Mudhens.The Lugnuts got a great start from Ryan Jenkins who pitched 3 innings and gave up 1 run. Gabe Scott and Landen Willis each had two hits. Darian Stevens drew 3 walks and Ryan kept his hit streak alive.

 GPP 14 – Lugnuts 1


GPP 16 – Bulls 5


 Bo Woodward and Jessica McGary Baysdell had big hits for the bulls.

GPP 11 – Storm 3


GPP 12 – Knights 4


GPP 8 –  Mudhens 5


What a game! GP had some fast pitchers and the Mudhens had a few big hits off of those, Ahmad and JG both hit triples! Defensively, the Mudhens went toe to toe and run to run with the Pirates before they eeked out a win in the 6th. Not too shabby considering the Pirates are made up of 10 & 11 yo and the Mudhens majority are 8 & 9 yos. Great playing Mudhens, your talent is improving and the coaches are very proud of how you played!

Bulls 3 – Knights 0


Big D pitched a complete game for the win. Nathan , Jessica and Charlie all had RBI. Camden made a great play in right field. Keep up the good work.  Go Bulls!!!!!!

Mudhens 13 – Storm 1


The Mudhen ballpen has been trying some new talent and it is having quite a positive spin.  Tonight we debuted Quintez on the mound and he was pretty solid with 8 strikeouts AND catching a sky-high pop fly!  Q was looking good!  In the fourth, Sandtez took over on the mound and did not disappoint either – 1,2,3.  The Tez’s took control!  Dwayne reacted quickly to a grounder and tossed over to Xavier at first for a quick thinking out.
The bats were a little slow to connect tonight and didn’t get knocking until the second but really got hot in the 6th.  With a few guys already on base, Tim comes up to the plate with eagle eyes.  After fouling a few off, he smacks the seams off the ball for an infield GRAND SLAM home run.  Shortly thereafter, Ethan decides to follow up with a homerun of his own, netting 2 RBIs.
We are constantly seeing the improvement from all the Mudhens and thank the family and friends for supporting the team.  Keep up the good playing Mudhens!  

Mudhens 15 -Knights 7


What a GREAT game!  Both teams showed up to play baseball and they did just that!  The Mudhens welcomed Ahmad to the team tonight with high fives and dabs as he not only showed up but showed up to have some fun!  The team also welcomed Xavier to the mound and he did his job for his pitching debut with Q behind the plate.  He went a solid 3 innings with 7 strikeouts, walking 4 and making a smart play to Sandtez at first for another out.  He was relieved by Andrew who came to the mound in the 4th and worked well with Caleb behind the plate and also snagged a grounder with a throw to beat the runner at first.  Offensively – the bats were connecting!  Several infield homeruns and smart base running.
Impressive playing tonight Mudhens and Knights!

Lugnuts 14 – Storm 2


The Lugnuts got their first win of the season to improve to 1-2-1 with a 14-2 win over the Storm.
Ryan Jenkins was one strike away from an efficient no hitter until Jaiden Broaden (1-2) broke it up with a 2 rbi single to right to score Dishon White II and Carmaury Edwards.
The Lugnuts offensive attack was paced by Jenkins (3-3) who has only been retired once this year, the hot hitting Gabe Scott (2-2, walk), Anthony Sims (1-1, walk), Devon Humphrey (2-2, walk), Dante Messina (0-0, 2 walks), Javon Mosley (1-2 with a big double), Dionte Smith (1-2 with a big hit), and cleanup hitter Kenny Kelsey (1-1, 2 walks). Both teams fought hard on a nice night for baseball.

Bulls 12 – Mudhens 11


WooEE, this was a good game!  The Mudhens came out of the dugout strong!  Ethan started the runs flowing as he nailed an infield home run bringing in Q & Caleb as well as working with Caleb behind the plate to throw a runner out at third.  Sevon went 2-3 today in the batter’s box and nabbed an RBI as well as rallying his teammates!  Sandtez also went 2-3 with 2 RBIs as well as beating a runner to first for an unforgettable out!  Dwayne debuted at the pitcher’s mound and did well for his first showing with 4 strikeouts.

It is with pride and a sad heart that we played our last game with T3 as he is being called up to the Majors.  However, he left us with a pretty solid performance at the plate with 2 RBIs and behind the plate as well.  Good Luck T3!
Mudhens, you continue to improve and work well as a team.  We are seeing the difference from just a few weeks ago and look forward to welcoming a new teammate to the Hen Den!  Let’s keep up the spirits and the good work Mudhens!
The Bulls were led by Jessica McGary Baysdell with  4 excellent innings. Jessicas girl power had 10 k’s. Manny the quiet professor the walk off hit to win the game, to keep the bulls undefeated.

Knights 8 – Lugnuts 6


The Knights bested the Lugnuts 8-6 on a picturesque Saturday afternoon. Joe O’Neill helped his own cause in locking down the save with a great catch on a line drive back to the pitcher by Javon Mosley to end the Lugnuts 5th inning rally. Kameron Bryant pitched well in the start and Roderick Friend also pitched well for the Knights. The Knights offense was lead by Kameron who had a whale of a day going 3-3, Jayvan Powell (2-2 with a walk), Elise Chaperon (1-1 with 2 walks). The Lugnuts got a great start from Gabe Scott and Kenny Kelsey pitched well in his first appearance of the season. The Lugnuts offense was lead by Javon Mosley (2-3), Devin Humphrey (2-2), Gabe Scott (1-2 with a walk), and Ryan Jenkins who arrived late but collected two more big hits to the outfield to go 2-2. Dionte Smith continued to play tough behind the plate.

Bulls 15 – Storm 3


Big D pitched 3 innings giving up 3 runs then the bulls brought in Mad Max and Jessica McGary Baysdell both pitched two scoreless innings each. In the hitting department the bulls were led by Mad Max on base 4 times and big Bo Woodward with 3 RBI.

Lugnuts 11 – Mudhens 9
INTENSE!! That about sums this game up in a word!
But highlights from the Mudhens are as follows ~ The Mudhen bullpen is progressing and working well. The Mudhens debuted a new pitcher and Caleb did a great job! With T3 behind the plate to back him up, Caleb got 4 strikeouts and only 2 walks. He also reacted quickly to a pop fly for the last out of the second inning. Ethan and JG came in for a few pitches as well. Q was on the 1st base corner and looked quite pleased as he too, fielded a pop fly. Dorian was quick footed at short and got his glove on the ball quickly. The Mudhen bats were slow to warm up and then they began to find a rhythym. Sandtez, T3 & Dwayne were all 2 for 3 and a sixth inning rally happened bringing the Hens to a tie as darkness fell on the field. We look forward to finishing this game at the next meeting Lugnuts!
The Mudhens battled back in a nail biting 6th inning to score 6 runs and force an 8-8 tie against the Lugnuts Wednesday night.
Ryan Jenkins pitched strong in the start for the Lugnuts allowing just 2 runs in 4 1/3 and striking out all 13 outs. Ryan (1-2 with a walk) and Kenny Kelsey (2-2 with a walk) once again blasted doubles. Gabe Scott continued to hit the ball well going 1-2 with a walk and a double. Devin Humphrey added a nice hit and Landen Willis was a perfect lead off hitter going 1-1 with a couple walks. Sand’tez Gibson (2-3), Dwayne Taylor (2-3), Ethan Dorsett (3 walks), and Terrace Turner (2-2 with a walk) paced the Mudhens attack. James Gray Jr. pitched well for the Hens. These two teams will just have to settle this game the next time they meet as the sun had retired for the night as the sixth inning wrapped up.

 Bulls 12 –  Lugnuts 6


The Lugnuts had their season opener Monday night against a Bulls team coming off a big win on opening day. The savvy Bulls pulled out a 12-6 win
The Bulls used steady pitching from Jessica Baysdell, Robert Young, and Max Praet along with solid defense particularly from Robert Young at SS to get the win.
Twins Kaleb and Kenyon Pritchard had back to back big hits during the 3rd. The Lugnuts were paced by Ryan Jenkins (1-1 with 2 walks) who pitched well in the start, made a couple of smart putouts in the field, and got the Lugnuts on the board with a strong double to center in the 1st. Kenny Kelsey blasted a double and had an infield home run. Gabe Scott pitched great in relief striking out 8. Gabe and Javon hit the ball well, but were robbed by strong defense from the Bulls. Tristan Davis had a solid single to left in his first ever baseball at bat.
It was a very exciting game!

Knights 11 –  Storm 3


Opening Day

Mudhens 13 – Storm 4


The Mudhens have been working hard as a team and it showed several times during opening day.  They encouraged each other, were there for their team and showed up to have FUN!  The players did too.  The first inning was quiet as the boys were finding their footing on the field.  But the second inning the parade candy and bake sale sugar began to course through their veins and they became ALIVE!
Defensively –
JG worked the mound and held the Storm to 2 runs in the first 3 innings.  Ethan came in and closed the game with just one more run scoring.  Xavier worked well at first and between Caleb at catcher and Andrew at second, they worked together in keeping the runners from getting to first.  Sandtez chattered up the outfield and snatched a fly ball from the sky.
Offensively –
EVERYONE kept their eye on the ball and kept the strikeouts and walks to as little as possible.  Bats were swinging hard and Hens were running, hard.  Tim found his sweet spot and hit a single for an RBI.  Ethan and Dwayne also found their rhythm to get a few RBIs between them as well.  JG connected with 2 nice fastballs to record a grand slam as well as an infield home run.
Storm, it was a good first meeting and we look forward to seeing you on the field again!
Managers Note ~ Thank you to all the spectators that cheered on both teams!  The players thrive on your encouragement and pick up energy from you too.  Thank you for keeping it fun and positive for them.

 Bulls 15 – Knights 7