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Little League Pledge

"I trust in God, I Love my Country and will respect it's Laws. I Will Play Fair and Strive to Win. But Win or Lose I Will Always Do My Best!"

Little League Parent/Volunteer Pledge

"I will teach children to play and do their best. I will positively support all managers, coaches and players. I will respect decision of the umpires.

I will Praise good effort, no matter the outcome of the games"

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Major League Coordinators: Bobby Taylor 

Minor League Coordinators: Jeff Cichocki & Chris Zielinski

Pacific Coast Coordinators: Matt Praet & James Willis

Tee Ball Coordinators: Mike Lang & Bart O’Neill

Intermediate/Senior League Coordinators: Bobby Taylor & James Willis

Softball Coordinators: Joe Bokano

Online Registration: Mark Di Mambro, Patricia Crosson, Kathy Matthys & Tom Jenkins

Open Registration: Entire Board

Concession Stand Committee: Kathy Matthys, Melissa Jenkins, Jennifer Pietsch, Christina Zielinski & Carrie Nurmi

Board of Review: Karl Carolan, Tom Jenkins & Chris Zielinski

Webmasters: Mark Di Mambro

Scheduling: Mark Di Mambro

Umpire Coordinators: Darius Emanuel & Kathy Blazejewski

Equipment: Darius Emanuel

Uniforms: Mark Di Mambro

Rules Committee: Mike Lang, Dave Whitman(Buttermaker) & James Willis

By-Laws Committee: Dave Rocho and Kathy Blazejewski

Safety Officers & Insurance: Dionte Smith

Medical Release Forms & Volunteers Applications: Patricia Crosson, Dave Zalewski & Kathy Blazejewski

Winter Workouts: Darius Emanuel & Tom Jenkins

Batting Cage Maintenance & Opening/Closing: Chris Zielinski * Dave “Buttermaker” Whitman

Marketing: Linda Olejniczak, Christina Zielinski, Darius Emanuel

League Photographers: Mark Di Mambro, Kathy Blazejewski & Team Moms

Trophies and Awards: Mark Di Mambro

Special Events: Darius Emanuel & Jeff Chichocki

Team/League Sponsorships: Matt Praet, Karl Carolan, Chris Zielinski, Ed Olejniczak

Audit Committee: Bobby Taylor & Christina Zielinski

Fundraiser Committee: Kathy Blazejewski & Kathy Matthys

Coaches Clinic: Tom Jenkins