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Little League Pledge

"I trust in God, I Love my Country and will respect it's Laws. I Will Play Fair and Strive to Win. But Win or Lose I Will Always Do My Best!"

Little League Parent/Volunteer Pledge

"I will teach children to play and do their best. I will positively support all managers, coaches and players. I will respect decision of the umpires.

I will Praise good effort, no matter the outcome of the games"

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Red Raiders 4 – Stars 1


Red Raiders 14 – Beavers 5


The Beaver lost to the Red Raiders on Saturday morning 14-5. Not since Hulk Hogan body slammed Andre the Giant in 1987 before 93,000 fans at the Pontiac Silverdome, has a behemoth fallen in a manner that has shaken the world to its pillars in the same way. The Beavers put together a lot of hits, but Elephant Ear withdrawals plagued the concentration of the team, and the usual stellar defense was unable to contain the Crimson Tide of hits. Much like that terrible submarine movie starring Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman, fans left the field disappointed in the ending, feeling that something more should have happened. Mac, Nick, Devon, Brady, Aiden, William, Tre, John, and Manny all had hits, just not in a manner that produced the typical onslaught of runs. The Beavers will lick their wounds, fix that defensive infield dam, and try again next Wednesday to get back on the winning track. Coach Dane is confident that without echoes of carnies asking them to spend $5 to win a dollar store inflatable toy, they will resume their winning ways. We hope to see you there!

The Raiders played shorthanded, but focused baseball Saturday morning and beat the undefeated Beavers 13-6. This was a total team victory with all 9 players getting a hit. The Raiders came early, warmed up strong, and played focused baseball. Alex and Cole made key defensive putouts. Cole had 2 doubles and 4 hits, Violet had a double and 4 hits, and Chris was perfect at the plate. Jeri-Mah, Elliott, Malcolm, Alana, and Ella all made key plays in the victory.

Dragons 10 – Stars 4


 The Dragons won a hard-fought game against the Stars 10-4 on the strength of some terrific hitting from Game Ball recipients JT, Emma and Kaleb. Excellent defense and additional offense were provided by fellow Dragons Isaiah, Matthew, Christian, Kendall, and Konner. The Dragons have now won two games in a row and have served noticed to the rest of the Pacific Coast League, and in particular, the first-place (for now) Beavers, whose Coach, Sir Dane Winbigler, was overheard saying “Oh BOY, LOOK OUT FOR THEM DRAGONS.”

Beavers 8 – Stars 1


The fan tailed heroes started out sluggishly in their inaugural matchup versus the Stars. The first few innings the Beavers played like they were back at work on Monday morning after catching the redeye back from Vegas. But then Sam Soper earned the Ed Block courage award for taking a tough pitch off the hand and still making it into a single. That hit proved to be the spark that ignited the Beavers out of their Zach Galifianakis-like slumber. The Beavers quickly put down Baby Carlos, and picked up some freshly chewed lumber to begin hitting. Mac, Nick, Kaylee, Devon, Brady, Ollie, Aiden, William, John, and Manny all chipped in with the hitting attack, and the Beavers were able to prevail, 8-1. Coach Jeff, realizing that the NCAA had no jurisdiction over gifts to players in the PC league, treated the players to ice cream John Calipari style after the game. The Beavers will take their undefeated record into the friendly confines of LL#3 in a Stars rematch on Friday. Stop by for a great game at 6:15PM, unless you are still sick from eating your third funnel cake at the St. Joan of Arc fair.


Dragons 4 – Stars 1 



Beavers  17 – Red Raiders 8


The game between the Beavers and the Red Raiders was a real life Clash of the Titans. But no cutting edge claymation Krakkens or Medusas were needed to make this game epic. Years from now, great scribes will tell the tale of the Pancake-tailed Warriors of Beaverton defeating the Crimson Raiders of Rhodes. The Beavers prevailed 17-8 in a slugfest featuring hits from ALL 10 Beaver players. Mac, Nick, Devon, Brady, Ollie, William, John, Juan, Manny, and Sammy all had big hits at different times in the game. More impressively, the Beavers built a dam on the infield, with great defensive plays stopping many critical runs from scoring. The victory moved the Beavers to 4-0 on the season. They will look to continue the streak next Wednesday versus the Stars for the 1st time. The first 10,000 fans get Beaver Tail fidget spinners, provided that 7-11 sells them too, and that you purchase them prior to the game. We hope to see you there.

The Raiders and Beavers played a close game until the Beavers offense exploded like a Mens’ league softball game in the 5th and 6th inning for 12 runs. The Beavers walked away with a triumphant 17-8 victory. Violent Violet had 4 hits. Cole, Alex, Ella, Chris, Alex, Elliott all had multiple hits.

Red Raiders 2 – Stars 1 


It was another defensive struggle as the short-handed Raiders squeaked out a 2-1 victory over the Stars. King Cole and cousin Big Al were perfect at the plate. Chris had another good hit and Alana had the game winning RBI in the 5th inning.

Beavers  5 – Dragons 0


The Dragons and Stars matchup looked like it was going to be a repeat of the first game, in which both teams had trouble stringing together hits. But then in the 4th inning, the Beavers unleashed a tidal wave of hits that would have flipped the Poseidon, had Shelly Winters pretending to be Aquaman, and led Gene Hackman to yell anyone who mildly disagreed with him. After almost everyone went hitless in the first 3 innings, every single Beaver coming to bat made solid contact. Mac, Nick, Kaylee, Devon, Brady, Oliver, Juan, and Sammy all pounded out hits to put up a 5 run inning. The pancake tailed onslaught led the Beavers to a 5-0 victory, and improved the team record to 3-0 on the young season. The Beavers will look to continue their winning ways versus the Red Raiders this Saturday at 10AM. Stop by early for a complementary continental breakfast spread, provided you bring the juice, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and melon.

Red Raiders 6 – Stars 2


The Rhodes Red Raiders got their 1st win of the young season with a come from behind 6-2 victory over the Cilluffo Stars. The win was fueled by a 5 run 6th inning explosion. Veteran VIOLEnTce Jenkins made her 1st appearance of the season and smacked a single and double while playing clutch defense. King Cole continued his hitting and defensive ways with a double and a single and little brother/rookie sensation Elliott the Moose smacked his first ever double – the Taylor boys were double trouble. Saniyah and the Williams sisters all had two hits. Ella got it a hit in her first ever at bat and young Malcolm in the Middle of all the Action had another hit. Chris continued to be very aggressive at the plate and in the field with a key RBI and solid defense. Jamir scored a run and batted in another and Harper Woods Little League Royalty Jeri-mah looked like a pro with his toughness and technique behind the plate. Big Al made crucial plays on defense.

Beavers 1 – Dragons 0


To paraphrase the late, great Rowdy Roddy Piper: “The Beavers have come here to beat a talented Dragons Team, and chew bubblegum….And we’re all outta bubble gum.” The Beavers were able to outlast the Dragons 1-0 in a tight game where hits were hard to find, but energy and excitement were everywhere. The Overbite Warriors got key hits from Nick, Devon, Aiden, and William to eek out a run that proved to be the deciding factor. The Beavers have improved to 2-0, and look to face a top rated Stars Team on Saturday. Free Coach Jeff bobble heads to the first 500 fans, featuring realistic pitching machine release action! We hope to see you there.

Beavers 2 – Red Raiders 0


 Just like Justin Verlander 6 years and 1 supermodel ago, the Beavers are a tough squad on opening day. The buck toothed bombers pulled out a 2-0 win over the talented Red Raiders. The voice of the turtle was heard throughout the land as the Beavers broke open a 0-0 tie in the 4th inning. Devon, Kaylee, Tre, Ollie, Sammy, and Mac paced the hitting attack, while the rest of the Beavers contributed great defense and made plays. This looks to be a hungry Beaver squad, eyeing not a delicious birch tree, but a championship season. Be sure to come out on Wednesday for another round of Beaver baseball, free admission to the first 2,000 fans.

The Rhodes Red Raiders lost a pitchers’ duel on a dreary opening day 2-0 to the upstart eager Di Mambro Beavers. The Williams Sisters combined for 3 hits and King Cole added a couple. Malcolm in the Middle of all the action smacked the 1st hit of his young career.

Stars 1 –  Dragons 0