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Little League Pledge

"I trust in God, I Love my Country and will respect it's Laws. I Will Play Fair and Strive to Win. But Win or Lose I Will Always Do My Best!"

Little League Parent/Volunteer Pledge

"I will teach children to play and do their best. I will positively support all managers, coaches and players. I will respect decision of the umpires.

I will Praise good effort, no matter the outcome of the games"

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Seminoles 5 – Mohawks 5


Well sports fans last night was a quick paced game down at the corner. The Seminoles and the Mohawks went into battle against time. We were trying to get in the game before the storm. Both teams played great for two full innings and in the bottom of the third just as the Mohawks started to bat lightning filled the sky and the game was called. My hat goes off to both teams for such a great effort and great play. Fun was had by all!

Seminoles 6 – Tomahawks 6


Saturday and sunny down at the corner of Cilluffo and Concession Stand, the Tomahawks faced the Seminoles. It was a battle to the end. Both teams offence and defense were unbelievable. The score went back and forth until the end. We stayed tied at the final out, but everyone on both teams did a great job!

Mohawks 6 – Apache 6


The Mohawks came to play today! Elijiah toughed out a bloodied mouth after a hard collision at 2B. Tough kid! Dominic continued his great hitting, going 4-4 with 4 runs scored. Everyone was 4-4! AJ, RJ and CJ all made great play in the field. Great defense by all of the Mohawks keeps them undefeated on the season. Next up are the Seminole, which means bad news for the Seminole!

Mohawks 6 -Tomahawks 6


The Mohawks came out screaming tonight! Rachel started off the game with a hit. She eventually came around to score on a one out shot by Samar. After one inning, the Mohawks were doing well.
In the field, the plays were being produced with the grace of a Barishnikoff balet. Nikko and Josh had the pitcher 1B connection working recording outs! Outs! Dominic received the game ball for making some great highlights and toughing out a hard blow to his thigh. Way to go Dom!
Cory, Kaiden, RJ and AJ, Matthew and Kendall all were major contributing factors. The Mohawks are undefeated!!!!!!!!!!

Seminole 7 – Apache 7


There was another nail biter down at the corner of Cilluffo and Concession Stand as the Seminoles and the Apache squared off. The Apachie came out of the gate with great hitting and put a few up on the board, but then the Seminoles came back with a few of their own. All and all it was a great game and both sides had fun ending in a tie. GREAT JOB TEAMS!

Apache 7 – Mohawks 7


Tomahawks 7 – Seminole 7