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Little League Pledge

"I trust in God, I Love my Country and will respect it's Laws. I Will Play Fair and Strive to Win. But Win or Lose I Will Always Do My Best!"

Little League Parent/Volunteer Pledge

"I will teach children to play and do their best. I will positively support all managers, coaches and players. I will respect decision of the umpires.

I will Praise good effort, no matter the outcome of the games"

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Grizzlies 17 – Red Raiders 3

The Red Raiders ans The Grizzlies needed to win this game to claim the championship. The Grizzlies were on fire by the second inning with 5 runs. The entire team work together to earn the win with a score 17-3. However, Jerrell Crosson played an all star game. He went (4-4) with an monster triple, made a double play by catching a fly ball and then making an out by a runner going to third. Congrats to Isaiah for earning the sportsmanship award. Congrats to DJ who hit ahomeruns. He has the talent to a great baseball player one day. Lets not forget about Cam, Amiya, Izzy and Abby who refused to give up until the game was over. They were great opponents.


Grizzlies 11 – Red Raiders 6

The Grizzlies stay alive for a run to win the PC Championship. Stay tuned for more Grizzly News tomorrow after the game.


Beavers 10 – Stars 0

The Romans, the Ottomans, Jean Claude Van Damme, and The Stars were all dominating empires that fell under the weight of their own greatness. The Stars season ended with a 10-0 loss to the Beavers. The 10 runs could have been 20 if not for the stellar defense of the Stars team. Grace, Ryan, Miles, Ian, and Matthew paced the hitting attack. The Stars improved more than any other team in PC this year, and will train montage-style for the upcoming offseason. This will have the five pointed death machine ready to deliver an onslaught of punishment next year.


Red Raiders 8 – Grizzlies 6


The Raiders played a complete game Saturday in 8-6 win over the always tough Grizzlie to clinch a spot in the championship game!
Great plays on defense were turned in by Kam and Izzy completing a double play off a great catch by Kam. Ahmiya and Andrae also had put outs.
Izzy got the bats going with a lead off double in the 1st. Ahmiya banged out 4 hits. Violet, Kam, Sincere, and Andrae all had 3 hits.
The Grizzlies were paced on offense by DJ, Javion, and Jerrell who all had multiple hits.


Red Raiders 8 – Beavers 7


The Raiders and Beavers played one to remember Wednesday night in round 1 of the playoffs.
It was a back and forth battle all night,… with the Raiders scoring on a one out Ahmiya walk off single in the 9th inning scoring Izzy for an 8-7 victory.
Izzy, Ray, and Abbie banged out 5 hits each! Kam and Ahmiya had multiple hits and each hit bombs to the outfield. Sincere, Violet and Andrae had some nice hits.
Konner was unable to bat due to injury, but was racing all over the outfield to get the ball in quick to hold the Beavers runners.
On defense, Sincere, Izzy, Kam, Ahmiya, and Andrae chipped in with crucial putouts. Every player on the Raiders chipped in to help the team win and every Beaver helped take the Raiders to the limit. It was an exciting game on a beautiful night for baseball with great sportsmanship shown by all involved.
HWLL statisticians are combing the archives to see if this is the longest PC playoff game in the league’s histoy.
Great job Raiders and Beavers!


Grizzlies 12 – Stars 0


The Stars were prepped and primed after spending all week training with Patches O’Hoolihan at Average Joe’s Gym for their first-round playoff game. Alas, they fell to the Globogym Purple Cobra Grizzlies, 12-0. The Stars played their BEST defense of the year, and did it short-handed without a full team available for all positions. Grace, Ryan, Brady, and Vincent paced the hitting attack. The Stars will look to continue their Jamaican Bobsled-esque Underdog Story on Saturday at 2 p.m. Be there for free fireworks prior to the Target 4th of July spectacular downtown, and without the need to validate at Greektown.

Beavers 9 – Red Raiders 8


The Beavers edged out a close victory over the Raiders to end the regular season in style.
Beckett, Syer, Tyrell, Davon, Lorenze, and Maddox all had multiple hits for the Beavers. The Raiders had multiple players on vacation so they pulled over Stars Emma and Matt who chipped on defense and each had a key hit. T baller Elliott got the call up to PC and notched a solid single to right to start a key rally inning. Izzy, Sincere, and Abby notched 3 hits each. Violet had a nice hit and got robbed on another by a great catch from Sincere. Andrae and Cole made multiople plays on defense and Violet had a nice putout at 2nd. Andrae smacked a double and so did Cole. It was a fun way to end the season

Grizzlies 13 – Stars 1


The trap has been set, and the unsuspecting Grizzlies are walking right towards it. The Stars plan worked perfectly, with them losing their last season game to the Grizzlies 13 – 1. Miles knocked in Brady with a hit so far it had to go through TSA before continuing to the outfield. Josh, Ryan, & Jaylen also helped with the hitting efforts. Playoffs start on Monday, so be sure to bring your appetite for pulled bear meat BBQ sandwiches to the concession stand. A Yogi size will be $3.50, and Boo Boo for the kids is only $2.00.

Beavers 6 – Stars 3


After crafting his clipboard out of a tree that had been struck down by lightning, Coach Winbigler boned it so it wouldn’t chip and christened it Wonder Board. The mighty Stars lineup written on it then exploded for hits throughout. ALL of the Stars players put metal to leather and punished the unfortunate white orbs all day. The Stars lost to the Beavers 6-3, but the real winners were Coaches, who were treated to the best game of the year. The Stars look to slaughter Yogi and Boo Boo Saturday. Bear meat sandwiches available Sunday at the concession stand.

Grizzlies 14 – Red Raiders 3


Red Raiders 9 – Stars 0


For much of the game, the baseball seem to be using the same cloaking ability as the creature in the movie Predator. But as the fifth inning rolled around, Coach Winbigler noticed some baseball blood, and let the team know, “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” The Stars then started hitting the ball, led by Brady and Ian. Alas, the jungle-like heat was too much and the Stars and they fell to the Beavers 9-0. The team displayed EXCELLENT concentration, because according to Jesse Ventura “If you lose it out here, you’re in a world of hurt.”

Grizzlies 7 – Beavers 4


Beavers 10 – Red Raiders 7


Grizzlies 15 – Stars 2


 Much like every episode of Game of Thrones you’ve ever seen, the Stars game left you wondering if you should switch over to Netflix and chill, until the last 5 exciting minutes. Josh, Ryan, Emma, Vincent, Miles, and Ethan led the hitting attack in the last inning to explode for two runs to make the final score. After this offensive explosion, the Stars will be changing their mascot to reflect the changing times. Please be ready to exchange your old gear for new Ciluffos Onslaught swag on Saturday.

Beavers 10 – Red Raiders 7


Beavers 4 – Stars 0


Much like the classic Looney Tunes cartoon with Bugs Bunny playing all 9 positions, the Beavers were able to handle the Stars with a less than full cast. The Stars played extremely good defense with several put outs, but were unable to make the ball fear their ping. Josh, Ryan, Matthew, Jaylen, and Miles paced the hitting. The Stars will take their Crazy 88s-like bat frenzy to bludgeon the Grizzlies on Wednesday.

Grizzlies 12 – Red Raiders 1


The Grizzlies came out firing on all cylinders on this perfect day for baseball! As we have made our way to the halfway point in the season you can see the teams’ progression. Big runs from Reign Scott (4-4), Kaleb Chandler (3-4), Isaiah Lewis (3-4), Reina Wilson, and Ke’Aire Barber. The Grizzlies played great defense in an overall team effort. Great job Grizzlies!

Red Raiders 10 – Stars 0


The Raiders banged out a 10-0 win over a shorthanded Star team in a rain shortened game Wednesday night.
Kam the Slam, Courageous Cole, Amazing Aidan, and Izzy Izzinator were all perfect at the plate. Abby Cadabby, Awesome Ahimya, and Sensational Sincere all notched a couple of hits.
Myles, Matt, and Ian were strong at the plate for the Stars.

Beavers 11 – Stars 0


 The Stars encountered a big buck tooth hitting machine in the Beavers on Wednesday night at Johnstone Park. The Beavers won 11-0, and although the five pointed death machine scattered hits throughout the lineup, a run could not be found. The Stars are looking forward to the the weekend for a recharge, so they can begin to crush their enemies, see them driven before them, and hear the lamentations of their parents.

 Red Raiders 13 – Grizzlies 7


The Raiders bats came alive to beat a hot hitting Grizzlies team.
Kam and Ahmiya stroked doubles and were prefect at the plate. Ray, Sincere and Cole were perfect at the plate as well. Violet and Abby had two key hits each.
The Grizzlies made a lot of plays on defense to keep the game close. Raina, Jade, DJ, Jerrell, Javion, and Kevin all had big bats for the Grizzlies.

Red Raiders 15 – Stars 2


The Raiders kept their bats going in a Saturday showdown with the improved Stars. Kam and Ray had doubles. Cole and Abby notched 3 hits and Sincere, Andrae, Ahmiya all banged out 4 hits. Ian had a nice double along with a couple nice plays on defense. Josh and Emma had a couple hits as the Stars had hits in every inning, but couldn’t quite get enough rallies going.Much like the dockworkers and groundskeepers in the movie Major League, the talk of the town is about how much better the Stars are getting better each game. The Stars hot bats continued to produce runs with solid hits from Josh, Ryan, Matthew, Jaylen, Brady, Ian, and Emma. Vincent, Miles, John, and Grace all helped out in the field with good defense. The five pointed machine of death will look to get on the winning side next Wednesday versus whomever the schedule offers up as a sacrifice.

Grizzlies 13 – Beavers 5


 It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon for a ball game! The Grizzlies met the Beavers once again.
We played great offense as the entire team contributed with hits. The Grizzlies had an early offensive explosion. Big hits from Ke’Aire Barber and Ian Tanksley & a huge triple from DeShawn Edwards. The Beavers proved that they weren’t going to go away quietly with 5 runs in the 4th but ran out of time. All & all it was a great job by both teams!

Grizzlies 12 – Red Raiders 10


Hello Grizzly fans! We took to the field to battle the Raiders this evening. It was another close game with the Grizzlies grinding out the win 12 – 10.
The Raiders exploded in the 5th to tie the game. It was intense on the field but the Grizzlies pulled it out. Which it seems Coach Gray was doing to his hair throughout the game. Thanks to Jerrell Crosson for his game winning RBI & Javion Gray for the insurance run at the top of the 6th. Great job to both teams!

The undefeated Raiders took to the field in the much anticipated rematch with the strong Grizzlies.The Grizzlies struck first with 2 in the 1st thanks to a single from Ian (3-4) and a double from Deshawn (4-4, 2 doubles), then Jerrell (3-4) single. The Raiders tied it in the 2nd with another Kam (3-3) double scoring Izzy (3-3). The 3rd inning brought a ton of run scoring with the Grizzlies notching led by a Javion double (3-4) and Jade single (3-4). The Raiders kept it close in the bottom of the inning thanks to singles from Ray (4-4), Sincere (2-4), Violet (2-4),and Andrae (2-4). Izzy had a big 2 out hit with a bases load smash double. The Raiders kept the Grizlies from a big 4th inning thanks to Abby running down a Deshawn smash and making a great throw to the cutoff man Sincere who threw it to Izzy covering 2nd. Izzy showed good awareness and speed to run down the Grizzlies player to get the Raiders out of a Grizzly rally. Andrae, Ahmiya and Kam also made strong defensive plays for the Raiders in the game. The Grizzlies extended their lead in the 5th with notable hits from Kevin (2-40 and Izaih (2-3). The Raiders finally tied the game with a 5 run 5th as the whole lineup was hitting. The Grizzlies were up to the challenge though scoring 2 in the 6th led by another Deshawn double  The Raiders bats finally wore out in the 6th and were unable to answer, giving the Grizzlies a well earned 12-10 victory

Beavers 6 – Stars 4


The moon landing, the Miracle on Ice, and the Stars first runs of the Season scored versus the Beavers we’ll all be moments in American history where people remember where they were. The Beavers prevailed in a 6-4 victory that was exciting and back and forth. The entire Stars team hit well and played with great focus the ENTIRE game. The Stars will look to get even more runs this Saturday at noon. Fans are advised to bring umbrellas, as there is a 100% chance of hits raining all over.

Grizzlies 11 – Stars 0


The Stars lost another tough one to the vaunted Grizzly hitting machine. The Stars enjoyed great defense and focus from Grace, John, Nigel, Matthew, Ian, Emma, and Ethan. Josh, Ryan, Jalen, Brady, Vincent and Miles led the Stars hitting attack. Be sure to join the Stars and their quest for a run tomorrow night versus the Beavers at 6:15. Free admission to anyone sporting a mullet on 80’s retro night.

Grizzlies 7 – Beavers 5


Wednesday evening the Grizzlies and Beavers took to the field for their second time this season. The Beavers got off to a sluggish start but their defense was solid and some great hits kept this game close. The Grizzlies offense was lead by DeShawn Edwards (DJ), Jerrell Crosson, Javion Gray, Jade Saunders, Kevin Mikolajczak.

Red Raiders 13 – Stars 0


The Raiders stayed hot Monday night with a win over the Stars . The Raiders bats were led by a Slammin Kam’s first homerun of the season. Izzy belted another double as did Andrae.

Ray, Abby, Cole, and Sincere were all perfect at the plate. Aidan  battled illness to log a couple of hits. The Stars were led by Ryan who robbed Izzy of a hit and had another crucial putout at SS to keep the game close early on. The Stars threatened throughout with hits from Brady, Emma, Ethan, Grace and more. Kam and Ahmiya had a couple nice putouts and Violet had a few nice stops to help keep the Stars bats down.

Red Raiders 11 – Beavers 8


The Raiders and Beavers battled it out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The Raiders had a strong team effort. Andrae, Abby, Kam, and Cole were a perfect 3-3 at the plate. Alex logged his first ever RBI and fellow youngsters Konner (1-2) and Violet (2-3) chipped in. Izzy and Kam led the defense with crucial putouts. The Beavers were hitting the ball well with Syer (2-3) belting a triple. Lorenze, Beckett, and Matt all had 2 hits and Tyrone went 3-3. It was a well played game the was close throughout.

Grizzlies 16 – Stars 0


The Stars are still searching for their first run of the season, and lost a tough game to the talented Grizzlies 0 – 16. The Stars will be looking to take their bats to warmer climates vs the Red Raiders on Monday, which is Coach Winbigler bobblehead night at Johnston Park.

Red Raiders 10 – Grizzlies 9


Two hard hitting teams took to the field Thursday and didn’t disappoint with Red Raiders sneaking out a 10-9 win over the Grizzlies.
Izzy Izzinator (3-3) got the Raiders going in the 1st with a missile double to center. Courageous Cole (3-3), Slammin Kam (3-3 2 doubles), and Abby Abs (3-3) followed up with hits to give the Raiders an early 2-0 lead. The Raiders added 3 in the 3rd paced by a monster double by Kam scoring Izzy and Cole, then an Abby single. The Raiders added much needed insurance runs in the 5th when Izzy lead off with line drive single, followed by a Cole single and another Kam double.  Andrae the Giant (2-3, double) added a single and Raging Ray (2-3) cleared the bases with a double to cap off a 5 run inning. The Grizzlies rallied in the bottom of the 6th, but Kam caught a hard line drive off the bat of Jerrell to end the game. Kam, Ahmiya, and Cole paced the Raiders on defense. Big Sean and Amazing Aidan added 2 hits for the Raiders. The Grizzlies played some strong defense and had some big hits from Jerrell, Jade, and Javion, along with a couple moon shots to the outfield from Deshawn. A great game was played by both teams. It should be a close game whenever these two teams take the field this season

Stars vs Beavers


Rained Out make up Thurs 5/12

Red Raiders 11 – Stars 0


The Raiders and Stars took to the field after exciting Opening Day ceremonies. The Stars threatened in the 1st, but couldn’t quite get a run across.
The Raiders came out swinging with 3 runs in the 1st. Good defense by the Stars kept the Raiders to only 3 runs with two nice putouts at 1st base.
The Raiders put up 4 in the 3rd and 4 in the 5th for a final of 11-0. Isabel, Ray, and Slammin Kam all had doubles. Konner and Violet had 2 hits each in the 1st game of their young careers. Kam, Abby, and Ahmiya were perfect at the plate. Cole had a couple hits and some nice plays in the field. It was a fun opening day for all players!

The Raiders and their mechanical pitching spring pitched a complete-game shutout of the stars on opening day, 11-0. The Stars hitting attack was led by Ryan, Josh, Brady, Vincent, and Jaylen. Grace, Matthew, Ian, Emma, and Myles all contributed Stellar defense to keep the hard-hitting Raider attack at Bay.

Grizzlies 5 –  Beavers 0