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Little League Pledge

"I trust in God, I Love my Country and will respect it's Laws. I Will Play Fair and Strive to Win. But Win or Lose I Will Always Do My Best!"

Little League Parent/Volunteer Pledge

"I will teach children to play and do their best. I will positively support all managers, coaches and players. I will respect decision of the umpires.

I will Praise good effort, no matter the outcome of the games"

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Manager Mark “Coach D” Di Mambro
Coach: Tony Fici
Coach: Digz Edwards
 Coach:  Matt Praet
 Coach: Steve Morisette
Team Moms: Jennifer Pietsch & Jennifer Rocho












Lukas Pietsch 12 Year Old
 Ben Praet 12 Year Old
Caleb Morisette  12 Year Old
 Julian Young  11 Year old
 Keleb Pritchard  11 Year Old
 Kenyon Pritchard 11 Year Old 
Charlie Rocho 11 Year Old
Henry Rocho 11 Year Old
Camden Wilson 11 Year Old
Jon Tae Wright 10 Year Old
Deshawn Edwards 9 Year Old
Max Praet 9 Year Old